Bộ lưu điện Eaton 9E2000I


Thông tin sản phẩm

Bộ lưu điện UPS Online Eaton 9E2000I (SP thay thế cho Model EDX2000H)


Rating (VA/W): 2000VA/ 1600W

Format: Tower

Electrical Characteristics

Technology:  Online double conversion

Input Voltage:  208/220/230/240V

Input voltage range without using batteries:  176-300V without derating (up to 100-300V with derating) Output voltage/THDU: 220V/230V/240V ±1 %, THDU: <2% for 100% linear load, <6% for 100% non-linear load

Input frequency range: 40Hz-70Hz, 50/60Hz autoselection

Efficiency:  Up to 91% in Online mode, 98% in ECO mode

Overload capacity (in on-line mode): 105%-130% : 60s, 130%-150% : 10s, >150% : ≥300ms


Input: IEC C14

Output: 6 x IEC C13 

Typical backup times at 100% Load

9E: 4 minutes


Communication ports: 1 USB port + 1 RS232 serial port (USB and RS232 ports cannot be used simultaneously)

Communication: slot 1 slot for Network-MS, ModBus-MS or Relay-MS cards

Software: Intelligent Power Software

Operating conditions, Standards and Approvals

Operating temperature: 0 to 40°C

Noise level: 39dB @ typical load 

Safety: IEC/EN 62040-1

EMC, Performance: IEC/EN 62040-2

Approvals: CE, CB report (TUV)

Dimensions: D x H x W / Weight

UPS Dimensions (mm) 399 x 327 x 190

UPS Weight (kg) 22.4 Kg


EBM dimensions (mm) (for 2000/3000VA) 399 x 327 x 190

EBM weight (kg) 37.1Kg

Customer service & support

Warranty 2 years

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